3D Printing / Prototyping

test or manufacture your designs

We use FDM 3D printing technology to create affordable, strong and durable parts for prototyping, production and hobbyist projects.

Small Production Runs: 3D printing is not only for prototypes but can also be used to manufacture the product. The quantity of a small production run depends on the size of the product. Small products can be between 1 and 50 while larger parts are between 1 and 15.

What is needed?: The 3D/CAD file of the part in a STL, STEP, SAT, IGES or parasolid format. We can also create the 3D/CAD file for you.

ABS Plastic.jpg

Material ABS Plastic

ABS is our material of choice because it is strong and durable. In industry it is used for cell phone covers and even crash helmets. It can withstand temperatures up to 100°C and can be sanded, painted and glued with superglue or epoxy.

Infill Settings.jpg

Infill Settings

3D printed parts aren’t solid and use a honey comb structure. The honey comb structure saves cost and material but still produces strong parts. The operator will choose the most appropriate setting.



The resolution refers to the height of each layer to create the parts:

0.1mm - 0.15mm: Used for small and thin walled parts.
0.2mm: Most common setting.
0.25mm - 0.3mm: Used on larger parts.

Truck Front Tilt.jpg
Truck Front.jpg
Handle Bar

Handle Bar

Handle Bar Pieces

Handle Bar Pieces

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Watch Bodies

Watch Bodies